Gomovies/Psyplay with Dbmovies importer 2019

The theme is made from PSYPLAY 1.2.5 + Extra Feautures

Dbmovies Importer tool (like dooplay theme)

Import 20 movies with a single click

Autoplayers from gomostream.com for movies and videosider.is for episodes (when you add a movie will automatly take the player true api from gomostream or videosider websits wich have a datbase with over 400 K movies and episodes)

Autoslug for TvShows (helping to add automatly episodeslinks to tvshow no need to add manualy like normal psyplay theme have )




5 thoughts on “Gomovies/Psyplay with Dbmovies importer 2019

  1. It will not let you remove or readd an already imported item (movie or tv show) and alot of links are no good for the shows or have them mixed up, finding out how to fix this would be a big help

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